Tuesday, November 20, 2007

VeganMoFo and the last "Pantry" experiment

This is the last meal of the great grocery experiment of 2007 as it is time to begin prepping Thanksgiving dinner and go grocery shopping!

This "Experimental Loaf" was made to see if it would work. It worked, so now I just need to tweak the thickness of the dough and change the filling so I can make a larger one for Thanksgiving dinner.

Basically it is a dough made with a mixture of vital wheat gluten, chickpea flour and whole wheat flour, rolled out, and spread with an herbed paste then rolled up and baked. When I tweak it to perfection, I will post the recipe.

Now I'm off to work, and after work...I'M GOING SHOPPING!


julie hasson said...

Your experimental loaf looks so good Joni! I can only imagine how delicious your Thanksgiving dinner is going to be. So what else is on your menu?

Happy Thanksgiving!


Greg said...

What is your recipe for the loaf?

bazu said...

Ooooh, I can't wait to see your Thanksgiving spread!

Rural Vegan said...

Something about "Experimental Loaf" keeps making me giggle.

mustardseed said...

Amazing, Joni! How do you come up with such great stuff? (:

Oh does anyone know where to get non dairy cheeses and soy yoghurt? I can't find any...

And what do you guys feel about Wholefoods? My aunt was thinking of taking me there but I heard it's expensive.

Amy said...

Oooo yum! I'm always after new foods to be eating (and the less soy in them the better for me ;)) This looks fabulous! I can't wait for a recipe!!

n/a said...

It looks good and if anyone can tweak it, it's you! I finally got your book the other day. Yay!

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