Sunday, June 12, 2011

Treehuggers and Seabirds

Last night I released my inner hippie and spent the evening at the Treehugger's Ball. in Silverado Canyon.  It's not often that there are events in my neck of the woods, let alone an event that has a message that I can really get behind!  The event is a fundraiser and outreach for the Canyon Land Conservation Fund, an organization dedicated to preserving the last remaining wild lands on the western edge of the Cleveland National Forest in Orange County, California. They also work to protect the wildlife and endangered species native to the area.

The evening was full of music (bluegrass, blues, even a Grateful Dead cover band!), food, guest speakers, and eco-friendly companies spreading the word.  One of the highlights was the Seabirds Food Truck.  I was super stoked to get my hands on their Beer Battered Avocado Tacos, and a side of sweet potato fries.  SO YUMMY! 

Seabirds Vegan Foodtruck...the first and possiblky ONLY vegan food truck in the OC.
 The featured guest speaker of the evening was Daryl Hannah.  And since it was such an intimate event, I was able to meet her (and give her a copy of The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet!)  She is such an awesome woman.  So nice, so friendly, and so passionate about what she believes in.
Me and Daryl Hannah at the Treehugger's Ball
Visit Daryl Hannah's website DHlovelife, to view lot's of videos and learn about her passions and activism with regards to all types of eco related issues.

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