Saturday, February 2, 2013

Monthly Snack Box from Vegan Cuts

My Snack Box from Vegan Cuts!

For a mere $19.95 per month you can receive a box of your own each and every month trhat includes the newest, latest and greatest vegan products available!  This month included some really yummy stuff (Hello Peanut butter Crunch Caramel Earth Bar, and Nacho Bean Chips!) but my favorite item in this box, was the Cuppow sippy top for mason jars!  (I am definitely packing that to bring with me to Vida Vegan Con in may, so I don't spill my Bye and Bye at the Bye and Bye...ha!)

But seriously, this snack box is a pretty convenient way to keep up to date on all the new stuff out there, as it seems new stuff is coming out all the time!  Go to the Vegan Cuts website and subscribe to get your own snack box delivered to your doorstep monthly.  From the looks of it, had I bought all of these items individually, I probably would have spent close to $75 and at only $19.95, not only was this box full of yummy stuff, but it was a bargain as well.  Not to mention, now I am going to try new products, that I may have never tried otherwise, ie, Freekeh Roasted Green Wheat.

Another awesome feature over on Vegan Cuts is that you can set up your own account, and earn rewards points when you refer others to the site.  So not only are you able to shop for and support vegan companies, with great deals, but you can also earn cool VIV (Very Important Vegan) rewards!  Yay for vegan companies, and Yay for Vegan Cuts!

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