Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cleaning off the bookshelf in 2013

I have decided not to make any resolutions this year.  They always seem to make me stressed out and feeling defeated.  Instead I am resolving to make small changes throughout the year that can only change my life for the better,  On of those things is cleaning off my bookshelf.  My bookshelf is starting to bow.  I need to get rid of a few books.  I can't bear to do it, but I found a few that I have 2 copies of, so I am willing to part with those.  Haha.  The rest, I may just pack up into boxes and store until I move into a bigger place, where I can display all of my books.

I realized I have 2 copies of Julie Hasson's beautiful and delicious Vegan Diner: Classic Comfort Food for the Body and Soul

I also found 2 copies of the wonderfully creative and talented Hannah Kaminky's My Sweet Vegan: Passionate About Dessert

Soooo, I am giving them away!

Leave a comment below telling me one small thing you are going to do to make your life better in 2013.  I am hoping to be inspired by some of your ideas and add them onto my own list.

I will choose 2 of you at random, on Sunday, January13, 2013 at 12 noon PST.  If you enter the giveaway, please make sure to check back and see if you won!  And, yes, I will ship internationally :)
Contest is now over...Congratulations to #19 (Randomly chosen by my husband, Dan) and to #32 (Randomly chosen by my nephew, Dominic!)

#19, CONGRATULATIONS!  You win a copy of Julie Hasson's Vegan Diner  
I have always wanted to read those cookbooks and my library doesn't have a copy of either. Thank you for the chance to win! I am going to try to focus more on the positive this year...I tend to dwell on what went wrong, but this year I am going to try to think of at least 3 things I am grateful for or happy about each day before I fall asleep.

#32, CONGRATULATIONS!  You win a copy of Hannah Kaminsky's My Sweet Vegan   
It's not an exciting change, but I am no longer eating after 10pm. I think this will help me take off the few pounds I put on over the holidays!

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