Friday, October 10, 2008

VeganMoFo and Speaking of Kahlua...

Last Friday I posted of Kahlua and soymilk (and Tings!) This Friday I thought I'd share my Gramma Nan's Secret recipe for mome made Kahlua. It is a pretty simple recipe, and the results are quite tasty. If you make up and bottle a few batches within the next few weeks...they make WONDERFUL holiday gifts.

"Mix 4 cups sugar and 2 oz instant coffee crystals together. Add 2 cups boiling water and stir until completely dissolved. Cool thouroughly. Add one pint vodka and pour into bottles. Add 1/2 of one vanilla bean into each bottle. Cap, date and use after standing for at least 30 days. DO NOT OPEN FOR 30 DAYS!"


Anonymous said...

Aah, this takes me back to my college days, when white russians were a favourite of mine. I can vouch for this recipe, as my frugal college self used to make a similar concoction (Kaluah is spendy!). I made mine with Taaka vodka ("mixes great, just add people.") and had no problem getting through it within 30 days. YUM.

...barbara... said...

i must say i love your gramma nan.....will be passing this along to my white russian lovin friend.....or perhaps i will make it for an x-mas gift for him :)

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