Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day: The Environment

I could be better. I should be better. But I do recycle my newspapers, bottles and cans and I shut off the water when I brush my teeth. But I COULD be better. I SHOULD be better.

Reduce my consumption of all things.
Reuse my things that I already have.
Recycle those things I can no longer use.

Cliche, I know. But if I actually lived everyday following these simple rules, I could be doing better. I WOULD be doing better.

I no longer consume any animal products. That is good. If I could only get Dan to do the same, that would be better.

I save and re-use my plastic grocery bags. That is good. If I bought and used (read: I have bought many but always forget to bring them) reusable shopping bags, that would be better.

I recycle my plastic water bottles. That is good. If I just used filtered water and filled up my own (I already own a nice insulated bottle) that would be better.

What do you do that is good? What could you do that was better?
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