Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Appetizers Take 2

I give you "The Phyllo Cup"...You give me...HONEST feedback!

Phyllo cup filled with a garlic, basil and sundried tomato couscous garnished with a baby basil leaf:

Phyllo cup filled with a spinach and tofu feta mixture, topped with sundried tomatoes (pretend there are toasted pin nuts on top too!):

Phyllo cup filled with sweet carmelized onions and walnuts in a balsamic reduction:

Phyllo cup filled with sweet carmelized onions and walnuts in a balsamic reduction garnished with a fresh basil leaf:


Anonymous said...

absolutely lovely, and I don't think I ever mentioned how awesome it is to have the weight/measurements and stuff on the left side of your site. woo for you!

radioactivegan said...

Those all look delicious! I really like the idea of phyllo cups, and the couscous one looks amazing. (imagine me making a homer-simpsonesque gargling noise)

Rural Vegan said...

The phyllo cups are a great idea. I really like the couscous version, looks amazing and everyone likes those flavor combinations. My least favorite would have to be the tofu feta, something about the texture looks mushy and/or meaty?

Alex Kristofcak said...

i think these are great! they look so much more sophisticated/culinary/attractive than crackers! and i love the spinach/tofu/sundried tom/pine nut combo.

another idea for you (not that you need anything other than the phyllo cups, but in case you have wondering mind..) is pancakes.. i stumbled upon these the other day and thought they sounded kinda amazing

http://www.chow.com/recipes/10861 (obvi, sans the salmon and dairy subbed)



let me know what you think!

Joni Marie Newman said...

Celine...I totally did that for selfish reasons :) I was so sick of always looking it up! I just finished my last PB & Ohs treat yesterday....mmmmmmm good!

Demian...Those pancakes do look really yummy. Thanks for the links.

Unknown said...

These do look delicious but I wonder how easy they are too eat. Will the filo crack and the filling spill out all over the place? It wouldn't bother me but it might some.
I'm thinking a mushroom and broccoli filling might work too, maybe with toffuti cream cheese?

Steffi said...

those look amazing. now how do you get the phyllo pastry in a cup shape?

Joni Marie Newman said...

liz...they are really small...one bite only!!!

pavotrouge...mini muffin tins!

Anonymous said...

I think the spinach feta ones sound the best. Plus I love the combination of the green and red as far as looks go. The mini phyllo looks great!

Corrie said...

They all look delicious! The phyllo cups really bring the fancy up a notch. Thumbs up!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Those look like winners to me. I agree with crystal, I think the spinach feta ones sounds the best. But I'd eat any of them!

mustardseed said...

Hm what are phyllo cups? Never seen them in the supermarket. Maybe they don't sell it in Singapore..

Joni Marie Newman said...

mustard... I made my own phyllo cups in a mini muffin tin using two sheets of phyllo dough, brushed with a little olive oil, cut into little squares, and then formed into their shape in the tins. There is such a thing as premade, frozen phyllo cups, but I just asssume to make my own. MUCH CHEAPER. You can usually find phyllo or (filo) in a box in the frozen foods section, though I don't know, maybe it has a different name in Singapore.

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