Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Night = Pizza!

Sure, any one of us could make a kick-ass-home-made-yeast-risen pizza, but, after a long, long work week, everyone deserves to have dinner delivered in a big, flat box. Even us vegans. The trick is to find a delivery joint that will deliver vegan pizza. Just find out the ingredients in the crust at your local pizza joint, and order it cheeseless with your favorite veggies on it. If you want to, doctor it up with some vegan cheese and enjoy! Even those of you that live in the least vegan friendly cities don't have to go pieless. Little Caesars has a vegan crust, as well as the breadsticks, as long as you specify "no-cheese."

I also live outside the delivery zone of any vegan pizza delivery joints, so tonight, mine is the "Crispy Thin Crust" from Domino's with mushrooms and roasted red peppers (and some added Daiya.

Happy Friday!


  1. Pizza is my favourite and now I'm craving one. Which wouldn't be a problem but it's 10 am in the morning!

  2. I think papa john's is vegan too. I heard (about seven years ago, so this isn't the most up to date info) that little caesar's puts butter on their crust, so you may want to ask about that first.

  3. I love pizza! My favorite pizza place is Bellacinos pizza and grinders, offers buy one get one pizza free by using coupon.

    I have sundays and pizza with friends, and we are particularly crazy over mushroom and spinach in white sauce!

  5. I love pizza!
    I mean, who doesn't? The dough's just perfect.

  6. I often crave for the vegan pizza when I have things to study on - gezzz, I am sinful.

  7. I also love Pizza, its great after a night on the town hehe .....


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