Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Secret Ingredients

Normally I just post pictures of food and recipes, but I thought this was an important subject so here you go. I am also going to permanantly place this list in the sidebar so it is easily accesible.

I just bought "The Vegan Sourcebook" by Jo Stepaniak. It's awesome. It's not a cookbook per say, rather a guidebook to nutrition and veganism. There is a chapter on secret ingredients. ARRRRRGHH! My life is being turned upside down! I thought I was pretty good about sniffing out sneaky animal ingredients, apparently not.

Here is a list of what to avoid, although she does mention some of these ingredients can be sourced from plants or animals. Research them first to make sure. Some of these are obvious, but some are not:

Anchovies (duh)
Shortening (can be animal or plant)
Calcium Stearate
Capric Acid
Clarifying Agent, aka fining agent
Diglycerides (can be animal or plant)
Disodium inosinate (can be animal or plant)
Emulsifiers, aka surfactants, wetting agents, surface acting agents (can be animal or plant)
Flavor Enhancers such as disodium guanylate, MSG (can be animal or plant)
Folic Acid (can be animal or plant)
Gelatin (duh again)
Glycerides, mono-,di-, and tri- (can be animal or plant)
Glycerols or Glycerine (can be animal or plant)
Isinglass (except Japanese isinglass which is made from agar)
LactoseLactic Acid, (only if it's synthetic lactonitrile is it vegan)
Lard (another duh)
Lecithin (can be animal or plant) she notes commercially this is mostly made from soybeans, although it can be made from egg yolks
Magnesium Stearate (can be animal or plant)
Monoglycerides (can be animal or plant)
Myristic Acid or Tetradecanoic Acid (can be animal or plant)
Natural Flavorings (can be animal or plant)
Oleic or Oleinic Acid
Palmitic Acid (can be animal or plant)
Royal Jelly
Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate (can be animal or plant)
Stearic Acid or Octadecanoic Acid
Tallow (Found in many WAX PAPERS!!!)
Vitamin A (can be animal or plant)
Vitamin A2 (can be animal or plant)
Vitamin D (can be animal or plant)

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