Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving !?!

Wow. My most favorite holiday has gone and snuck up on me! Here it is, Monday, and I am only just beginning to plan my menu.

For sure, I am making Pumpkin Cheezecake Pie for dessert, but since Thanksgiving also doubles as my daddy's birthday (and my husband's, too!) I will also be making a nice Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

Side dishes will include my standard fare, Garlic Smashed Potatoes, Greek Stuffing, Bourbon Sweet Potato Mash and maybe some Green Beans Almondine.

I am still trying to decide on a main dish. Should I go easy and make the Straight-Up Thanksgiving Burgers? Or should I make another Festivus Loaf? Hmmm.

Here's some pics for you. Most of the recipes are in the links above!


Anonymous said...

Can I come to your house for Thanksgiving??? ;)

Gina said...

Your Thanksgiving looks delicious!! I made a version of your Greek Stuffing a few weeks ago. It reminds me so much of the stuffing my grandmother makes for Thanksgiving, which was one of the only things I thought I was going to seriously miss when I decided to stop eating animal products.

x said...

Yum! We don't do Thanksgiving here but I think I will try making those burgers!

Susan G said...

Just wanted to thank you for the Pumpkin Cheezecake Pie recipe. I made it for Thanksgiving and it was awesome!

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