Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eating for my health...

What I have learned is that it is all too easy to fall into the belief that "if it's vegan it must be healthy."  Four cookbooks and countless pounds later, I need to drop more than a few.

I've gone on "diets" before, but this time I am trying something new.  I am also bringing my husband along for the ride!  I am currently on my 3rd day of my 28 day challenge.  Following the kickoff, I will work through the four phases of Eat for Health by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

This is a radical way of eating for me.  NO OIL!  NO ADDED SUGARS!!  NO ADDED SALT!!!  I thought it would be easy.  I mean, almost all of the recipes are vegan anyways, right?  Well, geez, I am having a terrible time with this.  My husband and I have decided to give ourselves one cheat day per week, so that it keeps us motivated to stay on track the rest of the week.

I am playing with the guidelines, and will post any delicious recipes I come up with...but so far, it's been pretty boring meals...oatmeal, soup, grains, broccoli...all of which I need not take a picture of.  That's not to say the recipes in the book are boring, just what we have made so far has been.  There actually looks like there are some pretty yummy foods, I am sure I will adore.

My goal, to appreciate food for its nourishment more than for its pleasure, that way when I do indulge on occasion, well, I will enjoy and savor it that much more!

If you are interested in tring this out yourself, visit for more information.


Sarah said...

I also tried this but I ended up failing, but I'm planning on trying it again. I like Fat Free Vegans' Eat to Live Indian recipes, and Lorna Sass' pressure cooker cookbook has some great ETL friendly recipes. I think Vegan Dad's ethiopian lentils are a good bet - also Snobby Joes can be made ETL. I like the idea of a cheat day. Good luck with your salads! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joni, I think you can do it! As a vegan cookbook author, you have probably spent countless hours showing people how cutting out dairy/meat/eggs/honey/etc does *not* deprive you of delicious food. Someone as creative as you are with food (and I have tested for at least two of your books, so I know first hand!) should not have any problems whatsoever.

Also, I have hypertriglyceredemia and was able to cut my cholesterol down from over 300 to 149 by following rules similar to what Furhman sets forth. Even when I was testing recipes for you, I managed to keep it down! I made my recipe-testing days my cheat days. :-D

Shannon said...

Check out some McDougall recipes. I found them less bland. They should still hit all the guidelines if they are MWL (maximum weight loss) recipes.

uk pharmacy online said...

This is really good information thanks for sharing. Well, you will eat fresh and healthy food if you want to maintain your health and do exercise every day which is most important part of health.

Anonymous said...

I am also on the E2L diet--when I'm not cheating!

Anonymous said...

You can do it, Joni! I follow E2L myself, and it just becomes habit after a is great that your hubby is doing it with you. That should help make it a little easier.


Renee said...

I too have found that vegan does not equate to healthy all the time. I'm in a weight loss challenge with a friend of mine and it has been difficult at times. The person working with us put me on a no added salt diet due :( yuck! but I have to do it because I have new onset edema in my legs:(. Keep at it ,one day at s time and I think the cheat days are great . Blessings to you .

Eye Creams said...

I think Vegan Dad's ethiopian lentils are a good bet - also Snobby Joes can be made ETL. I like the idea of a cheat day. I have tested for at least two of your books, so I know first hand.

Leslie Richman said...

The Eat To Live book truly helped me change my life and my body! I read it and started eating "nutritarian" (I was already vegan too) about two years ago. I am feeling great and working towards better health every day.

n/a said...

Just did the 6 week cleanse and I am on fire! I loved what it did for my body and my brain.
I think the hardest thing for me was kicking caffeine.
Can't wait to get inspiration for tasty dishes from you.

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