Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eating for my health...

What I have learned is that it is all too easy to fall into the belief that "if it's vegan it must be healthy."  Four cookbooks and countless pounds later, I need to drop more than a few.

I've gone on "diets" before, but this time I am trying something new.  I am also bringing my husband along for the ride!  I am currently on my 3rd day of my 28 day challenge.  Following the kickoff, I will work through the four phases of Eat for Health by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

This is a radical way of eating for me.  NO OIL!  NO ADDED SUGARS!!  NO ADDED SALT!!!  I thought it would be easy.  I mean, almost all of the recipes are vegan anyways, right?  Well, geez, I am having a terrible time with this.  My husband and I have decided to give ourselves one cheat day per week, so that it keeps us motivated to stay on track the rest of the week.

I am playing with the guidelines, and will post any delicious recipes I come up with...but so far, it's been pretty boring meals...oatmeal, soup, grains, broccoli...all of which I need not take a picture of.  That's not to say the recipes in the book are boring, just what we have made so far has been.  There actually looks like there are some pretty yummy foods, I am sure I will adore.

My goal, to appreciate food for its nourishment more than for its pleasure, that way when I do indulge on occasion, well, I will enjoy and savor it that much more!

If you are interested in tring this out yourself, visit for more information.
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