Saturday, July 25, 2009

These fake meats might just be okay

Admittedly, I have never bought a package of Yves, Tofurkey (or any other brand for that matter) deli style fake meat slices. After my trip to Portland, having seen them on many menus, and still never giving them a try, I thought to myself, "Why not?" Afterall, it's been in the triple digits here, and cooking just didn't seem like a chore I wanted to deal with. So, I bought a package of Yves "Salami" style slices, as well as a package of Yves "Roasted Turkey" style slices. With a trusty jar of Vegenaise, a few leaves of cold, crispy iceberg lettuce, some Bubbies garlic pickles, an avocado, and some molasses sweetened wheat bread, I created a sammy that was quite delicious. I can't say that these fakies tasted like the real thing, and that's certainly okay with me, but the fact that there was something other than veggies on my sandwich made me a happy girl!

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