Sunday, February 8, 2009


I know that some of you had been asking about non-hydrogenated imitation bacon bits...from there I invented my own, but they weren't exactly the same as the store bought stuff...My gift to you, Bac'uns, by Fronteir Natural Products. Organic and nonhydrogenated vegan bacon bits. Hickory flavored. They'll get the job done.


Anonymous said...

I applaud your support of Frontier but just in case you didn't know: the big-name grocery store standard "Bac-Os" are also vegan. Weird, huh?

Thanks for your nice recipes and mouth-watering pictures.

panda with cookie said...

This was a post just for me, wasn't it? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

hooray for non-hydro stuff!

¡Yo Soy Liz! said...

I have a secret, shameful addiction to these :)

Joni Marie Newman said...

panda...all posts are just for you!

joe...yes, they are, I've enjoyed them many times...unfortunately, they are FULL of hydrogenated fats and chemicals.

in2insight said...

Thanks! These should be awesome.

FYI, the green cap ones are not organic, but the red cap ones are.

Also, it seems like they sell these in bulk as well! Cool.
Time to make those yummy burgers again!!!

dreaminitvegan said...

Thanks for the info. This would be a treat to add this to a recipe once in a while for my husbands.

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