Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cook Your Way To Good Karma

I rec'd this article from a PR representative. I thought it was interesting and that one of you out there in the blogosphere could win a new kitchen! I know most of the Pillsbury products aren't vegan, and many of you don't support companies that make both, but there are a few...

Cook Your Way to Good Karma

When you give to others, you get so much in return. Here’s a great way for people to bake their way to a new kitchen this holiday season, which includes a $5000 donation to a charity to help end hunger. This is incredibly timely given reports of a drop in donations to food pantries across the country. Here’s what’s up…

Until December 31, 2008, the Pillsbury® Make America Sweeter contest invites consumers to share how they make things a little sweeter with Pillsbury Cake, Brownies, Quickbread, Frostings, or Flours. The winner will receive a $5,000 kitchen makeover and runners-up will receive products from KitchenAid® and Pillsbury. Plus, a $5,000 donation will be made to Feeding AmericaTM to help end hunger in the country.

How Can Your Readers Enter the Pillsbury Make America Sweeter Contest?
Submit an essay on how you make America sweeter with Pillsbury baking products (Cake, Brownies, Quick Bread, Frostings, or Flours) – like bringing treats to seniors or hosting a bake sale at your house of worship
Include a photo or short video illustrating your sweet gesture
Entries can be submitted online at or by mail to Pillsbury Make America Sweeter Contest, P.O. Box 8501 , Prospect Hts., IL 60070.

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Amy said...

COOKIES!!!!!!!!!! Nom nom nom.

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