Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Well, Hello!

Just a quick check in now that we've all had a chance to breathe after MoFo.  Oh my, wasn't is an epic year?  So many blogs, so much good stuff.  I am still reading through posts that I missed during the month.

A few updates on what's happening in the world of JustTheFood and Joni Marie in general:

If you didn't know already, I have moved back to the city.  I had a great time in Trabuco Canyon for the past 6 years, but it was time for Dan and I to be amongst people again. So we are back home in Long Beach, right where we belong. And, oh man, do I love it.  I am close to everybody and everything...except work...but that's okay, I was used to a long commute before we moved, so no big deal.  Best thing about the new house (besides that it's ours) is that it has gas.  I know that sounds silly, but for someone who loves to cook, having to cook on an electric stove at home for the last 6 years has been awful.  Now, I have a brand new stove with gas burners.  So. Very. Stoked.

Going Vegan.  Man, this is such an important book.  Probably the most heartfelt book I have had the pleasure of writing to date.  I was super lucky to partner with Gerrie Lynn Adams on this project, and we hope to do some signings and events around southern, central, and possibly as far north as San Francisco in the upcoming months.

A podcast.  Yep, I am in the process of producing a podcast.  Vegan Road Rants is my addition to the evergrowing world of vegan podcasts.  The entire thing is recorded while I am driving.  Short rants and raves about whatever topic comes to mind as I am driving to and from work, or wherever else my vegan life takes me.  I even have a few interviews (also recorded while driving) that I can't wait to share. I have been recording segments since 2013, and finally have enough to put together a few episodes to kick it all off.  My goal is to have the first episode out by the Thanksgiving holiday.  Shout outs to Scott McClymonds for creating the awesome logos and Cha Meeno for writing, performing, and recording all of the sound bites, including the intro song.  It's so f'ing amazing.  Here's a sneak peak...


Bianca said...

Omg! So excited about your new podcast and Going Vegan. I'm planning to review the book next week! I made the spinach dip (fantastic!) and will be making falafel-logs next week!

Joni Marie Newman said...

Thanks, Bianca! Next time I am driving through Memphis, and randomly run into you, I will make sure to pick you up for a vegan tour of Memphis while I interview the queen of the vegan dirty south! said...

Yay for living somewhere with gas! I don't know how I'd deal with electric - I always, always burn everything when I try to cook on it at my SIL's or at rental places whilst travelling! Congrat's on the new book too - exciting times!!

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