Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen is Going On Tour!

Spicy Seitan Potstickers (page 43) Photo by Wade Hammond Recipe can be found HERE.
Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen is going on tour.  We will start our Journey right here in California, and work our way all across the United States, ending our adventure in New York at the New York Vegitarian Food Festival, where I will be serving up some awesome Fusion Tacos.  I am keeping the schedule posted on the Calendar page HERE (or just click the Calendar tab above) and will update it as each date is comfirmed.  If there is a place you'd like to see me and my book, please leave a comment below and I will see if I can fit it in to the schedule.

Below is a quick photo link list of recipes that have been posted from the book, here (or on other sites), so you can try some of them out for yourself before buying the book:

Teriyaki Asada Tacos
Coconut Ginger Beet Ice Cream
Spicy Seitan Potstickers (Photo by Wade Hammond)
Sloppy Joe Pho (Photo by Wade Hammond)
Lumpiyang Shanghai
YaKa Mein
Sesame Carrot Coleslaw (shown on Tacos!)


Anonymous said...

Delicious vegan food is one reason why the number of vegans has doubled in less than 3 years. Here's a video to help everyone understand why so many people are making this life affirming choice:

Vegan Vixen said...

This food looks awesome!

Respecting animals means being vegan!

Martin Murray said...

Interesting article on the BBC about vegans, and it mentions a vegan supermarket chain from Germany. Who knew?

Joni Marie Newman said...

Well, now I know where I'll be shopping whenever I am in Germany!

Gee Pah She said...
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Gee Pah She said...

Not fair! We gotta try these NOW!

Thanks for sharing!

Martin Murray said...

Maybe your book tour can go international......

The Peace Patch said...

Spectacular deliciousness...I need a bowl of Sloppy Joe Pho! It would be crazyawesome if you could swing through Milwaukee or maybe Madison in June for Mad City Vegan Fest. Best of fun to you on the tour...cheers!

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