Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Worknight Wednesday: I have way too much food!

On this busiest of Worknight Wednesdays, I am simply going to rifle through the fridge and eat whatever I have left in there.  And in doing so I am once again reminded of my cousin Leah's Great Grocery Experiment.  It seems that I always reference this during MoFo, so why should this year be any different.  There is so much food in my fridge.  There is so much food in this house!  Way too much for me and my husband.  Way too much.  And as I ponder what to make of this (I know, such a first world problem!) I will also cuddle up on the couch, under a blanket, with my handsome little man, for the first time in ages, since it is finally starting to feel like fall!

Too much food!
Way too much food in this fridge!

I just realized there are not enough gratuitous pictures of this guy on my blog!  His name is Michael.


Mari said...

This is for sure a first world problem. I am so jealous looking at your fridge! I am currently visiting a third world country and lack anything for flavoring my food except yellow mustard and olive oil. Oh how I miss spices! And Earth Balance! Look at all your yummy Earth Balance!

VeggieAmanda said...

Looks like a well stocked fridge! Mmmm!!

Sarah said...

holy crap that fridge is amazing. i've come to realize that my husband and I have more food than almost everyone we know, but even when it's full-ish it seems emptyish to us but I figured it out! when we were kids our parents never had a lot of food around (for one reason or another) so i think we're trying to overcompensate. psychology mofo :D

Kendy P said...

nice fridge & pretty kitty! :)

Joshua Parker said...

My refridgerator was also jammed pack with food, but now it is somewhat back to normal. However, time to stack up on more fresh veggies.

Matt said...

I have the same problem - our fridge and pantry are like being in a shop! It's incredibly wasteful, and hard to manage.. Maybe I need to experiment more? And make more things from scratch? (But then there's ingredients, and storage of the ngredients PLUS the final package.. ahhh)

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