Friday, October 19, 2012

Freedom Fridays: Phoney Baloneys and a Cry for Help

Today I finally got myself over to Phoney Baloney's!  It's hidden away in the backside of a strip mall, but definitely worth the hunt.  The fine folks who took and made my order were super friendly and the food was ready really quickly.  Because of the location (inside of a gym) I ordered mine to go and could hardly wait to get to my car and open up my lunch.

I ordered up a Grown Up Grilled Cheese. A unique blend of apples, onions & pepperjack melted between fig butter lined whole wheat sourdough - $5.95

Grown up grilled cheese!
The Grown Up Grilled Cheese from Phoney Baloney's in Irvine

It was amazing. The bread was toasty and grilled to perfection and all of the gooey insides were a perfect contrast to the crisp thinly sliced apples. And the fig butter was so good in there! This was a great sandwich. It really was. Now that I know where it is and how it happens to be on the way home from work, I know I will be stopping by there way more often.

And now for the cry for help...

I have started compiling recipes for my next cookbook.  And I need testers!  This will be a pretty quick round, as my manuscript will be due February 1, 2013.  I know that sounds like ages away, but it is only a few months from now.  Here's what I am looking for:  Anyone who is willing to test recipes that are whole foods based.  Everything from scratch.  NO store The majority of these recipes will be made from ingredients that can be found at any well stocked grocery or farmer's market. There will be a few specialty ingredients, most of which can be found at any Asian or international grocer.  Anyone interested will need to have a Google account so I can give you access to the super secret testing blog.  And you must like cilantro.  Cilantro haters need not apply.*

The theme?  California Vegan Fusion: California cuisine is a style highly influenced not only by fresh, local ingredients, but also by an amazing amount of cultural diversity. From our pizzas to our mashed potatoes, you’d be hard pressed to find a dish that hasn’t been touched by some sort of ethnic twist. Just check out the burgeoning Mexican Asian fusion food scene in Los Angeles which has taken diners by storm. From ChaCha Chili, to Don Chow Tacos, to Kogi’s Korean BBQ Burritos. But why stop there? Out West, we like to take risks with our foods: Fresh takes on traditional favorites and lighter versions of traditionally heavy classics.

If interested, please send me an email at joni AT justthefood DOT com.  I will get back to you all by the end of next week with further instructions!  As of now I have received enough testers.  I will post again should I need more!  Thanks everyone, you guys rock!

*My husband is a cilantro hater.  I just don't get you people!  But seriously, you can still apply.  Just secretly do so, and then subtly do not test the cilantro heavy recipes.


Jenni (aka Vegyogini) said...

Ooh, whole foods based recipe testing with a California Vegan Fusion focus...I'm in!

foodfeud said...

Oh, I wish I could test for you! I am currently in a bad kitchen situation but the cookbook sounds like it will be great.
I see Yack Attack publish photos from her stops to Phoney Baloney a lot. It sounds like a great place. Grilled cheese and apple - I could really go for that right now.

Martin Murray said...

A couple of weeks ago I heard Zov Karamardian talk about the importance of having someone test recipes for her cookbooks, so I think having "real" people test is a good thing. You can count me in. I can handle the cilantro.

Joni Marie Newman said...

Martin, Can you send me an email with your contact info?

Joni Marie Newman said...

Did you send me an email already?

Jamie said...

I'm in. I love to cook and I like it unusual and spicy.

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