Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Throw Back Thursday! Maple Corn Fritters from Cozy Inside

These little fellas area throwback to my very first ever cookbook, Cozy Inside, that I wrote and published all by myself way back in 2007.  Now I admit, the way this book came out, it was more like a 'zine than a book, but I stand by these recipes, even if the poor grammar, layout, shamefully close up photographs, and typos made that book one helluva mess.

The nice thing about looking back to this book, is it really shows how far both I, and the world of veganism, have come.  Back then it was already getting pretty east to be vegan, but there was not nearly as many blogs, cookbooks, and vegan products on the market as there are now.


Matt said...

What an interesting concept! We don't have a lot of this kind of thing here in Oz (or even things including cornmeals), but I'd be interested in taking the savoury/sweet thing one step further and trying it with corn kernels!

The Peace Patch said...

You are definitely one of my favorite vegan pioneers...veganeers, yep that's it. Plus that book has fried farts & garlic so it's a big win all around! :)

affectioknit said...


~Have a lovely day!

Unknown said...
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