Friday, November 22, 2013

Gift Giving Made Easy! Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, Cruelty Free and Awesome!

Vegan Cuts

I know, I know, this is a vegan food blog, and lately I have been talking about a lot more than food.  Movies, products, and now make-up?  Well, yes. Because I know that veganism extends far beyond the plate.  Veganism is part of every aspect of my life.  From the products I use to clean my home, to the clothes I wear, and yes, even to my deodorant.

That's why I think the Beauty Box from Vegan Cuts is so awesome.  Each month they send you a box full of about 4 to 7 (In this case it was 6) cruelty free beauty products.  Some are sample sized and some are full sized.  This allows me to try out all sorts of cool new products without having to shop around.  And if I love it, I can buy more through the Vegan Cuts Market Place.

Below is a picture of this month's delivery.  And it came at the perfect time.  Right before all of the holiday parties begin, and this box is full of holiday sparkle!

For your viewing pleasure, I have decided to put on all of the products included in this months box at the same time.  Now while you cannot see the Calming Spa Seaweed Soap from Earth's Enrichments, please know that its minty tingle is indeed refreshing and calming.  And the Death by Lavender all natural deodorant from North Coast Organics is also pretty boss.  I haven't had much luck with natural deodorants in the past, so this one is a godsend.  I will definitely be ordering a full size version of this.

The Rainbow Honey nail polish is pretty phenomenal.  One thing I usually hate about sparkly glitter nail polich is that it usually takes a few coats to get a real good solid color.  Not this stuff.  I only used one coat, and it is bright and sparkly, and dries pretty fast too.  Being someone who works with my hands a lot, I simply don't have time to be fussing with my nails, so a quick swipe of this polish and a few minutes to dry, and I am good to go.

Next up is the Medusa's Makeup 3-in-1 body shimmer, blush, and theatrical foundation.  Whoa.  When they say shimmer, they mean it.  I have never seen so much sparkle!  It is very, very, very intense, so just a little tiny bit goes a long way, and because of the crappy cell phone pic, you cannot see how much my face is glowing with shimmer, and I barely used any at all.  I applied it with the super soft brush that came with it, and it when on like a dream.  I am really looking forward to using this on my decolletage when I get dressed up all fancy for date night or holiday parties.

Last, but definitely not least, is the Pacifica Coconut Kiss Creamy Lip Butter.  It looks bright ass red in the little pot, but goes on sheer like a lip balm, which I love, because I am not good at wearing lipstick.  I lick it off and smear it all over the place. But because this is sheer and light, it gives a smooth bit of color without all of the fuss.

Overall, this was an awesome box!  I know I will use and reorder almost everything in the box and can't wait for my December box to show up.  I also plan on ordering some of these subscribtions as holiday gifts for the lasies in my life.  I mean who wouldn't want a cool box of fun beauty products to arrive each and every month?  The gift that keeps on giving!

Vegan Cuts

Full disclosure: I received this particular box for free from Vegan Cuts so that I could review it. And although this box was free, I loved it so much I signed up for a paid monthly subscription. My opinions are honest and my own. I am also paid a small comission for each product sold through Vegan Cuts when you click through my website links.


Unknown said...

[ Smiles ] Well, it is great to see that there are some good vegan products out there.

emanicosmetics said...

Vegan makeup products are cosmetics that do not use ingredients derived from — or tested on — animals. Concerns about animal abuse by the cosmetic industry has created a growing market for cruelty free products. Vegan cosmetic options include eye shadow, blush, lipstick and foundation; even vegan nail polish is becoming increasingly available.
Vegan makeup

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