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Vegan MoFo 2013: Fat Free Fridays: The China Study Cookbook, Southwestern Salad, plus a Giveaway!

The China Study Cookbook by Leanne Campbell
I've talked a few times about how I am not a huge fan of SOS (no sugar, no oil, no salt) cooking.  All things in moderation has always been my motto.  That being said, there is a certain clean-ness that these types of food offer, and with Mother Nature unleashing the heat this late in the summer, these lighter dishes actually offer a bit of reprieve from the heavy feeling you sometimes get from a decadent meal.  So while I won't commit to a SOS way of life, there really is no reason why I can't incorporate some of these types meals into my regular rotation.

The China Study Cookbook by Leanne Campbell, is the perfect companion to the original China Study by T. Colin Campbell.  While the original book is full of all sorts of information on why a vegan diet is optimal for health, the cookbook gives you the how.  Whole foods combined with minimal effort to create pleasant dishes.  That's what you get with this cookbook.

The lengthy introduction is kind of a mini nutrition course and how-to for newbies (Though, there is still a lot of information seasoned veg heads might learn as well.) which is informative, easy to read and full of graphics and pictures to break up what might otherwise be an overwhelming bunch of text.

The recipes section is also plump with shiny color photos taken by the author's own son.  Most are macro shots that really show off the ingredients.

The recipes themselves are varied with everything from breakfast to dessert.  The pages are well laid out, and the recipes easy to follow.  And the ingredients are super easy to find, everday whole foods that anyone can find at any supermarket.

When I first began experimenting with SOS cooking, I will be honest, I found the foods to be a bit bland.  But I learned a lot of the tricks, and so has Leanne.  She has been able to pack a lot of flavor into a lot of these dishes with creative use of spices, nuts, avocados, fruits and grains.  And then there are the recipes that let the fresh produce provide all of the flavor, like in this simple Southwestern Salad.  No dressing required!  Quick, easy, fresh and flavorful.  Especially on these hot end of summer days.

The fine folks at BenBella Books have graciously agreed to send one lucky reader a free copy of this book.  This giveaway is only open to residents of the US and Canada.  Simply follow the prompts in the widget below to enter.

Southwestern Salad from The China Study Cookbook (page 114)
Southwestern Salad
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Makes 8 servings

8 cups salad greens
1 small red onion, diced
1 green bell pepper, diced
2 tablespoons minced cilantro
3/4 cup avocado, diced
3 medium tomatoes, diced
1 (15-ounce) can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 (15-ounce) can corn, drained
1 teaspoon oregano
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 cup baked tortilla chips, crushed

Combine salad greens, onion, green pepper, cilantro, avocado, and tomatoes in a
large salad bowl.
Heat beans and corn for 4 minutes over medium heat. Add oregano and salt. Add to salad right before serving, together with tortilla chips.
Sprinkle with rice vinegar, if desired.

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n_selah_d said...
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n_selah_d said...

Initially it was a combination of the two,however now if I had to say which was my primary reason I'd side with animal rights.

Anonymous said...

I actually went vegan for environmental reasons and for the animals! It's a lot gentler on both our fellow creatures and the atmosphere to eat only plants. I wish all of the people eating meat while spending tons of money buying electric cars, etc. could see that if they drove that car *and* ate a plant-based diet they could do even better.

VeggieAmanda said...

My husband just read the China Study and I have it on my list of items to read. The cookbook would be a perfect accompaniment.

TZel said...

Certainly both! I kept thinking, why should an animal suffer for me? Then I learned about all the health benefits.
tricia z
reading1051 at yahoo dot com

Cadry said...

I went vegan for the animals, but I also think that a diet centered around plant foods is a really healthy way to live!

Jenni (aka Vegyogini) said...

I went vegan for my health, the health of the animals, and the health of our planet. Thank you for the giveaway!

Katie said...

For the animals!

Unknown said...


Beedi said...

I went vegan for the animals. There came a point when I couldn't stop thinking of how gross it is to eat cheese and other dairy products considering where and how it came from animals.

Terri Cole said...

I was a vegetarian for many years. That decision was initially based in compassion. I went vegan in the spring of 2012 for my health, so it's about 50/50. Thanks for the chance to win this book, I have been wanting to get my hands on it for a while now!

gaia (at) cinci (dot) rr (dot) com

Heather B said...

Vegan for the animals but I do think there are numerous health benefits.... when I lay off the daiya fries!

kelly g. said...

Seeing as my favorite foods are french fries, pizza, ice cream, potato chips, and onion rings, imma have to say for the animals!

Anonymous said...

Both :)

Anonymous said...

I first went vegan just out of preference, I felt it was the right thing for me. Through the years I have definitely come around to the ethical and health reasons!

Babette said...

I went vegan for the animals, and the fact that it was actually healthy just made this decision logical.

Val said...

I went vegetarian and then soon after vegan strictly for the animals and to this day it's my priority! I've been eating fairly healthy prior to turning veg so there wasn't a big difference really ;).

Anonymous said...

Initially, I went vegan for the animals, but I am so happy to feel the positive effects on my health, not to mention mind, heart and soul.

Dana Vickerson said...

I went for health, stayed for animals!

Jessica Eagle said...

Thanks for the giveaway :)

First, it was for my health and then both :)

Aimee Douglass said...


Rebecca said...

I went vegan first for the animals and then for my health!

tinajoan said...

YAY for give-aways! I went vegan for the animals!

Anonymous said...

I started eating this way for health, but not hurting animals had a big appeal to me.
P.S. Thanks for doing these giveaways. This is very generous of you!

~ Cee ~ said...

Definitely both! I also do it because I am completely grossed out at the prospect of eating meat or eggs or dairy. I do occasionally miss cheese, but everything else...UGH. ~Cee~

Anonymous said...

Definitely for animals. I kinda don't care about my health too much, though I know I should.

harrypotter_rox (at)

Jessica said...

both :)

Healthy Grocery said...

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Blogger said...
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