Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Trip to the Farm and Another Giveaway!

Look at that nose!  Macy, the pig, so sweet and peaceful, relaxing in the barn, out of the hot sun.
I had the honor of spending the day with my mom, Celine, and some amazing animals at Farm Sanctuary Animal Acres in Acton, California last Sunday.  What an inspiration!  I was able to visit with, and give love, to many wonderful rescued farm animals that were destined to be someone's dinner, had someone not been brave enough to step in and save each and every one of the lives who now are safe and sound at the sanctuary.

Below is Pinto.  He is a rescued dairy cow.  He was unlucky enough to be born a boy on a dairy farm, where boys are either left for dead, or swiftly whisked away from mom and sold to the veal industry, which was Pinto's fate.  A brave soul stepped in to save him, and he now lives a happy healthy life at the sanctuary.  He stands over 6 feet tall at the shoulders and weighs in at over 3000 pounds.  He is still a young man, at only 6 years old.

Sweet Pinto takes a moment away from his lunch to allow me the honor of giving him a love rub right on the face.
My mom had an inspired day as well.  Though she didn't turn vegan overnight, she certainly became much more aware of some of the attrocities that occur on factory farms and it made her really think.  I encourage all of you to visit, volunteer, or donate to a farm sanctuary.  The work they do is so important.  

In honor of all of the animals and wonderful volunteers and staff at the sanctuary, I am going to give a farm sanctuary tshirt and water bottle to one lucky reader.  Enter the giveaway on the widget below.

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The Peace Patch said...

I just watched some of their videos this cute! :)

ellen said...

Aw neat! I've been to the branch of the Farm Sanctuary in New York before, I would love to visit the California sanctuary someday as well! They do fantastic work.

celyn said...

Pinto is adorable! It sounds like such a great day.

lollever said...

I encourage all of you to visit, volunteer, or donate to a farm sanctuary. The work they do is so important.
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