Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here I go Again! (A Call for Testers)

Because I absolutely don't have enough on my plate already, I've done and started writing another book. Yeah, I know Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen hasn't even been released yet!  But, if I am not crazy busy, I get myself into trouble.

What is this new book?  Well, I am taking a step back, way back, and writing a book geared specifically towards non-vegans looking to take the plunge into a plant based way of life.  I have partnered up with, food scientist and nutrition expert Gerrie Lynn Adams (You guys are really going to love her!)  and the ever amazing and wonderful Celine Steen to take the photos.

The tentatively titled,  Going Vegan, will be a guidebook on how and why you should, well, go vegan!  With chapters on nutrition, animal rights, environmentalism, and, of course, mouthwatering recipes.

A few things about this book:
  • This book is geared towards non-vegans looking to make a switch to plant based diet and lifestyle
  • There will be more text than recipes
  • The recipes will be basic, easy to create, and tasty recipes that focus on vegetables.
  • There will be very little (if any) faux products used in these recipes (ie, no store bought fake cheese or fake meat) however there will be recipes for creating home made versions of these items.
Don't worry, testing won't be that hard!
We are looking for a few testers!  You do not need to be vegan to be a tester.  In fact, this is a perfect opportunity to get friends, family, or anyone you know who has been tinkering with idea of converting to veganism, involved to show them how easy and delicious vegan food can be!

How does the testing process work?  We will post a recipe.  You make the recipe, and post your feedback in the comments section. Be honest. If it is a fail, tell us so. If you don't like it, tell us. Maybe it just wasn't your thing, or maybe the actual recipe didn't work. Let us know either way. Everyone has different tastes, and we understand that.  We will review all of the feedback and make adjustments to the recipes as needed.  If you test at least 10 recipes, you will get your name in the book and a free copy of the book when it comes out.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in testing, please email me at:

We've got enough for now!  Thanks to everyone who contacted me.  I'll be in touch shortly...


Kyleigh said...

Very cool, It sounds like such a great idea! There are definitely not enough books like this out there for new vegans, and your recipes are always so fantastic that i'm sure this will be amazing!

I'd love to test :)

Lindsey said...

I am so pumped and ready to rock and roll!!! Bring on the recipes!!!

Veg-In-Training said...

Hi Joni. I love your idea. I am often cooking for non-veg folks who are very veg curious. I actually gear my cooking classes to the same audience. I would be honored to test for you again if you will have me.

Running Betty said...

I'm very intrigued. especially if snacks that last a few days can be included, because I am camping a lot this summer for races in places that aren't near stores and involve packing up food for the road.

Tanya said...

How exciting! I am looking for more vegan recipes that hubby will like and my mom moved in am trying to get her to eat healthier too. :)

Éphée Lafée said...

Love the project and I am willing to test with my family. This would be an honour.
We are veggie, almost vegan. (It's coming ;-) )

Carla @ Gluten Free Recipe Box said...

Congrats, Joni! I'm the same way. Crazy busy makes me happy - most of the time. I'm the gluten-free expert on Congrats on landing the vegan expert position! Nice to meet you and hope we can chat sometime. If you have any gluten-free vegan tips, please join my Twitter party on Friday, July 5: I'd love to hear any advice you have to offer.

Have a happy upcoming 4th!

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