Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm here! Let's get the party started!

I usually drive up, but thought I'd fly this time.  And I usually stay with my sister, but thought I'd stay in a hotel this time since I was  going to be here for nine whole days. 


I had to stop in Seattle on the way here, and when I went to board the plane my boarding pass didn't scan, and then some dude walked up to the counter, "Are you Joni Marie Newman? I have your ticket."  "What?" I said.  But it was true.  He had a layover in Vancouver and they gave him my ticket.  Very strange.  But I guess even computers aren't perfect.  The flight agent figured it all out and we were all able to board.  YAY!  Only an hour to Portland now! 

We landed, My luggage arrived safely, and I boarded the MAX to go to my hotel.  "Lucky me! It drops me off right in front of my hotel."  Ginormous suitcase in tow, I go to check in. 

"Oh, I am so sorry.  We don't have any more rooms."  "What?" I said.  (Seems that this is my go to answer when I am delivered unexpected news.)  "Yeah...we're overbooked for the night, and we had 8 guests stayover."  Now, I understand that things happen.   I am a flexible, reasonable, generally easygoing kind of person.  I just expect people to handle things in a proper manner.  At 4 pm I called the Hotel and let them know that I would be arriving at around 10 pm.  No one told me anything at that time.  "Thank you, Miss Newman, your room will be ready!"  They had my phone number, they could have called me and let me know, you know? 

Anyhow, I'm on foot with all of my things...what am I supposed to do?  So they call around town to other hotels to put me up.  They finally find me a room at the University Place Hotel.  Fine.  "Can I get bus directions?"  "Um...Just take anything that goes downtown then find the 17."  It's a good thing I am not afraid of public transportation...late at a city I am only somewhat familiar with...with all of my luggage.

I check in at the University Place Hotel...which is where the Vida Vegan Convention is going to be held anyways, so I am kind of excited...Same price as the Inn at the Convention Center, because of the mix up, they made up the difference, but like 10 times as nice.  "So, no charge, ma'am.  The Inn is taking care of it."  "Oh, cool."  "So, just check out with us in the morning."  "What?"  Apparently I have to go back to the Inn tomorrow.  


Dropped off my suitcase in my room.  By now it's almost midnight.  First night in Portland is a bust. Called the Inn to find out what time I could come back in the morning.  "Anytime after 8am."  "Are you sure?  Because checkout here is 11, and checkout there is 12."  "Yes, anytime after 8am." 

I walked across the street, got a bottle of wine.  Poured myself some.  Plopped down on the bed, and passed out before I ever finished the first glass.

Woke up at 7.  Took a shower, got dressed, packed up my things, checked out, boarded the train back to the Inn.  Got there at 9:45am.  "What was your name?"  "Joni Newman."  "Hmmm...I don't see anything here for you."  "What?"  I showed him my confirmation letter, blah, blah, blah.  10:15am I get my room key.  Made my way up to my room.  Dropped off my stuff.  (A quick word about this hotel.  It's less than half the price of most of the other Hotels in the area.  But it is in a great location.  The building is really ugly and dirty on the outside.  The lobby is a mess.  But the room is actually pretty cool.  Now that I am settled in, I really like it.  It's big, with a little kitchen area.  No stove, but microwave, coffee maker, fridge, bar with 2 barstools, and a sink!  The train picks up right out front, and it's centrally located to everything.  I even have a decent view out the window.)

The phone rings.  It's June and Kurt, they are downstairs waiting for me.  Thank goodness.  They whisk me off to Blossoming Lotus for brunch and all is well with the world.  I enjoyed the brunch special which was a special tofu scramble with cashew cheese, home fries and a big old pile of steamed kale.  I was a happy girl.

After brunch I decided I was going to have an "alone adventure."  I like to spend time alone.  Besides, I am going to be here for nine days.  I would like to walk about town, pick up a few necessities, and go back to the hotel and get unpacked and settled in.

So I started walking.  My target?  Food Fight Grocery.  I needed to get some stuff to stock my little hotel kitchen for the week.  Score.  I got snacks, drinks, coconut creamer for my morning cup, a copy of Kittee's Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food and a new "What kind of asshole would eat a lamb?" tote!  I also noticed that they were carrying  two of my cookbooks.  Very cool.  Thanks Food Fight. 

I walked back to my hotel to drop off my loot.  Unpack my suitcase, take a shower, and see what else I could see with the remainder of the night.  I decide to go downtown and check out some of the food carts.  I am distracted by the Saturday Market, which apparently does it's thing on Sundays too.  I wander through aisle after aisle of hippie goodness, grab a coconut boba, some incense, enjoy some street performers, and keep walking. 

So sad.  Most of the carts are closed by now.  I make a note of where they are so I can come back again later in the week, and once again head back to my hotel to make my next plans.

Pizza is what I need for dinner!  So I get on the bus and head down to Mississippi Pizza Pub for a vegan pie.  While I am waiting I enjoy a fresh fruit cocktail in the lounge, and some live music.  Pizza in tow, I head back to my hotel once again.  This time for the night.  I throw on my jammies, turn on the boobtube, and nosh on my pizza in the middle of the king sized bed.

Not a bad first day.


Bianca said...

Yea!! I can't wait to be there! Sorry about your hotel problems though. That sucks, but sounds like everything got much better. I CANNOT WAIT TO GO TO FOOD FIGHT!

celine said...

holy hotel brain fart, Batman!
I'm glad it was eventually settled. I miss you, miss Joni. say hi to June & Kurt and everyone else for me.

Katie said...

So glad you finally got settled!! Can't wait to meet you and join everyone in our Portland travels... bring on the conference! :D

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