Monday, November 15, 2010

Who woulda thunk?

So my copy of Melisser's new book, The Vegan Girl's Guide to Life, arrived a few days ago.  Of course, I spent the afternoon reading it, pretty much cover to cover.


First off, the book is adorable, which makes flipping through the pages (that happen to be thick and glossy and full of color on every page!) so much fun.  Secondly, Melisser does an awesome job of highlighting vegans from all over the world, from every walk of life.  It is so interesting to read their stories! 

But, don't think that this book is for beginners only, either.  Vegans of every level will learn a thing or two from this book.  For example, we all do our best to check the ingredients of our foods, and our beauty products, right?  Of course we do.  We check to make sure our shampoo, our make-up, our toothpaste, our hair dye, even our shaving cream is vegan and wasn't tested on animals.   I do too, but I never would have thought to check the actual RAZORS!  Melisser has schooled me in my bad shaving ways, and I will no longer buy razors with those little moisturizing strips...becuase guess what?  They're not vegan!

I wholeheartedly recommend this book.  There are tips for just about everything a vegan girl does in her daily life!  Not to mention DIY crafts, beauty hints, recipes, and cute little drawings by Michelle Cavigliano.


Fanny said...

I can't wait for my copy to arrive! Why why why doesn't the mail come before 8 pm here? I can't wait!

VeggieAmanda said...

Razors? Really? How crazy! We do so much checking and we find out that there is even more places to look.

Andrea said...

I wish my copy would hurry up and arrive. The moisture strips aren't vegan? Tsk.

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