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Long Beach, you are finally getting a hang of this vegan thing! Here's a list of all of the vegan options I know of in Long Beach.  I will add new items when I find them! (Listed Alphabetically) 

Ahimsa (all vegan)
340 East 4th Street (East Village Arts District)
The food is awesome and the prices are fair. I've had a few different items off the menu and have always been happy with my meal. I give big thumbs up to the Nachos, the Avocado Jalapeno Burger, the Tempeh Reuben, and Dan (my husband) is in love with the Tomato Basil Grilled Cheese. Special Note: If you follow a special no-onion, no-garlic diet, this is your place!

Berlin (serves meat, has vegan options)
420 E. 4th Street (East Village Arts District)
So far, I've had coffee and pastries (provided by The Caffeinated Kitchen) a sandwich, and guacamole, but the food so far is great. There are definitely clearly marked vegan options on the menu for breakfast and lunch. Comfortable place to sit and work. Free wifi with food or drink purchase. UPDATE: Make sure to check out Wild Chive Wednesdays at Berlin! The fantastic all vegan pop-up Wild Chive takes over the menu on Wednesdays offering up stellar vegan options!


Chipotle (serves meat, has vegan options)
1800 Ximeno Avenue
6324 East Pacific Coast Highway
959 East Spring (This is Signal Hill, but can we all agree Signal Hill counts as Long Beach?)
Fast food chain with tofu?!? You can get creative and make burritos, tacos or bowls with the many veggie options including tofu Sofritas.

Congregation Ale House (serves meat, has vegan options)
201 East Broadway Avenue (Downtown on the Promenade)
This hipster gastro-pub offers up a pretty mean Vegan Apple Sage Sausage, but the bun is not vegan, so ask for a vegan bread option.  The tater tots are pretty yum too.  Just make sure to ask the order taker which dipping sauces are vegan.  They are pretty knowledgeable.  You can also order the Portobello Sandwich as vegan, just make sure to leave off the mayo and order it on vegan bread. They also have Portobello Tacos, just order without the usual suspects...cheese, sauce, and opt for one of the vegan sauces instead.  It's a cool place to hang, so it's nice they have a few options for us vegans.

The Grain Cafe (all vegan)
4403 E. 4th st (Belmont Heights)
I haven't had a chance to dine at Gran yet, but am super happy to have another all vegan joint in the LBC! Check it out...I hear they have pancakes and waffles! (I need to get down there!) 

Hole Mole (serves meat, has vegan options)
421 Obispo Avenue
5109 East Pacific Coast Highway
1327 East 4th Street
2125 North Bellflower Boulevard
This little hole in the wall taco chain is the perfect place to grab cheap and greasy potato tacos. Vegan options include potato and bean tacos, or a veggie burrito.  Make sure to tell them no cheese, and make sure to ask for vegan options. Most of their salsas and the rice have chicken stock in them so steer clear.

The Hippea (all vegan)
2023 E. 4th st. (Retro Row)
Seriously. I do not know how they get so much goodness out of such a tiny space! Falafels are top notch and the sauces are killer. Besides, who doesn't like a little french fries with their falafel? Oh, did I mention they make chickpeas into chocolate chip cookies?!? A great vegan addition to Retro Row! (photo borrowed from the Hippea Facebook page)

Long Beach Creamery (serves dairy, has vegan options)
4141 Long Beach Blvd (Bixby Knolls)
This homegrown ice cream shop boast the "best vegan chocolate sorbet" and they generally have a few vegan flavors to choose from! Yum!

Lola's Mexican Cuisine (serves meat, has vegan options)
2030 East 4th Street (Retro Row)
4140 Atlantic Avenue (Bixby Knolls)
Really cute space and I love the patio on the street. Super great service. They have a vegan burrito that is awesome. And margaritas. And chips and guac. And margaritas.

Michael's Pizzeria (serves meat, has limited vegan options)
210 East 3rd (Downtown on the Promenade)
5616 East 2nd (Naples)
Michael's is probably the last place I would recommend for vegan options...if their pizza wasn't so good. There is one vegan option on the menu. Just make sure you don't let them add any cheese. It's the Marinara Pizza. Just garlic, tomato sauce, and fresh basil.

Portfolio Coffee House (serves meat, has vegan options)
2300 E. 4th St. (Retro Row)
Groovy coffee shop vibe, great cup of coffee, nice place to get some work done.  You can get pre-packaged vegan options made by Wild Chive in the refrigerated case.

Potholder Cafe, Potholder Cafe Too, and P3 (the 3rd Potholder Cafe location in Long Beach!) (serves meat, has vegan options)
3700 E. Broadway
301 W. Broadway
2246 N. Lakewood Blvd
This place has been a favorite of mine since I was a teenager. They have way more to choose from on their vegan menu than ever before, especially when you get creative with add ons.

Rainbow Juices (vegan, fresh pressed juicery)
246 East 3rd Street (East Village Arts District)
Adorable little juice stop that serves their juice blends up in little jars. You can return the jars for re-use, or do what i do and save them AT HOME for re-use. Lol.

Seabirds Kitchen (all vegan)
975 E. 4th St. (East Village Arts District)
Long Beach, CA 90802
The newest addition to the Long Beach vegan scene is Seabirds Kitchen. This is their 2nd brick and mortar location (the first is at the Lab in Costa Mesa) and this rotating seasonal menu is just as good! You can never go wrong with their purple taquitos, or fried avocado tacos...but seriously, everything I've ever ordered from them has been stupendous

SuperMex (serves meat, limited vegan options)
732 East 1st Street (East Village Arts District)
5660 Atlantic (Uptown)
6429 East Spring (Eastside)
4711 East 2nd Street (Belmont Shore)
You have to order green sauce and black beans and green rice. All the other beans and sauces have chicken stock. I named my burrito plate the Green and Black, lol. Green rice and black beans with black beans and green rice on the side and green sauce on top with guacamole. You can also add veggies.

Sura Korean BBQ (serves meat, has vegan options)
621 Atlantic Ave. (on the edge of the East Village Arts District)
This place has a lot of vegan options. A whole separate vegetarian/vegan menu! The service is really great. The staff is very friendly. And the food is on point.

The Social List (serves meat, has 1 vegan option)
2105 East 4th Street (Retro Row)
Honestly, I would skip this place if I didn't have so many non-vegan friends who love it. The last time I went, they only had one vegan option, they call a Vegan Meatball Sub. But it is more like a bland lentil sloppy joe. You can also get the tomato toast without the cheese and sub avocado, but it was pretty bland, too. Bummer, because this is a cool space with a hipster vibe and a groovy band that plays out of the back of their beat up old pick up truck out in front at night on the weekends. I've heard they have added to their vegan offerings...but haven't been back to try it out myself....If you do, let me know, and I will certainly update my review.

Vegan Castle (all vegan)
2400 Santa Fe Avenue (West Side)
A new all vegan sushi joint on the West Side? Yes, please! Located on the corner of Santa Fe and Bartlett, no sign up yet, so look for the bright turquoise building with the butterfly on the side wall. Small dining room, take-out and delivery. Great (if limited) menu. They have great crispy options if you are into tempura or crispy rolls. Very reasonably priced, and very, very tasty.

Veggie Grill (all vegan)
6451 East Pacific Coast Highway (
Everything on the menu is vegan at this chain, so order freely!  I've had so many things there, that are all excellent.  And I always upgrade my side to Steamed Kale.  I freaking love their kale.  Magical.


Z Pizza (serves meat, has vegan options)
4162 East 2nd Street (Belmont Shore)
5718 East 7th Street
Looking for a vegan pizza? Z Pizza has you covered.  They use Daiya cheese and have a veggie burger crumble plus lots of veggies to top off your pie.  You can also get salads, calzones and sandwiches.  There's a groovy feature on their website where you can click the vegan box and it will only show you items that are vegan on their menu.

Festivals, Farmer's Markets and Pop-up Events are a great way to check out vegan options in Long Beach. Make sure to follow these accounts on instagram to see where they will be popping up in Long Beach next!

Gone, but not forgotten...

Anandamide CLOSED PERMANENTLY (all vegan)
The storefront is now closed but their products are still available via their website.
Raw chocolates and milkshakes. A little pricey, but very good quality. Cute tiny little place.

The Federal Bar CLOSED PERMANENTLY(serves meat, has vegan options)
Cool space. It's in a really beautiful old bank. The waitresses sometimes wear flapper dresses while ol' timey music plays. Limited vegan options, a burger, and chili. But the staff is knowledgable and can help you modify other items, like the fried brussel's sprout salad (order it without cheese) to make it vegan.

Fox Coffee House CLOSED PERMANENTLY (serves meat, has vegan options)
I love this coffee house. It's super comfy, and makes me feel like I am sitting in my best friend's living room. They have lots of milk alternatives for coffee drinks, and a fairly decent vegan menu, including an amazing pot-pie that is sold by the slice or you can get a whole pie to go.

Happy Elephant Sushi CLOSED PERMANENTLY(all vegan)
1532 East Broadway
I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about Happy Elephant! It's a tiny place, but the love and yummy they put into the food is top notch! Everything is vegan, so go crazy! They have a full sushi menu, as well as a full Thai menu.

I Love Vegan CLOSED PERMANENTLY (all vegan)
This all vegan Thai restaurant is big enough to have all your friends and family come out to eat with you.  The menu is full of traditional Thai noodles and soups.  I really enjoyed the fried tofu appetizer. I like my Thai food really spicy, and I found I Love Vegan to lean toward the mellow, almost sweet, side of the spectrum, so I loaded my Pad Thai up with extra chili oil, and all was good in my world.  The Thai Iced tea is excellent, of course, especially with added boba.  And the "I Love Vegan" sign is big and bright and faces the main street…what a great advertisement for veganism!

Paradis LONG BEACH LOCATION CLOSED PERMANENTLY (serves dairy, has vegan options) 
5305 East 2nd Street (Belmont Shore)
The vegan options here are always amazing. No plain and boring flavors here.  I've had lemon mint, strawberry chocolate, peanut butter…man.  So good.

Pizzanista! LONG BEACH LOCATION CLOSED PERMANENTLY (serves meat, has vegan options)
There is always a vegan by-the-slice option on the counter at Pizzanista, plus you can also order whole vegan pies! On Sunday they have a Vegan Mac and Cheese Pizza (what?!?)

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